What are the options for an iPhone Credit Card Processor?


Credit cards have turned out to outshine most of the payment options in the personal finance landscape globally. The United States alone accounts for over 1.1 billion credit cards. This enormous number stands three times more than the debit card user base.

The iPhone Credit Card Processor has become popular. With the increased usage of credit card payments, myriad forms of credit card processing methods have sprung up in the market. In the American tech scene, the popularity of Apple products, particularly the iPhone, remains unbeatable.

Apple’s impressive penetration in the US Smartphone sector is evident with its market share of over 55 percent. Business ventures want to tap the popularity of credit cards and iPhones to their advantage. Hence, merchant service providers have now amalgamated IPhones and credit card processing systems with iPhone credit card processors. The rising demand for mobile POS systems for business entities has also led to such a payment processor.      

Earlier, merchants who offered credit card payment options had to open a merchant account with their respective banks. The process involved application charges, equipment setup fees, and hefty credit card transaction fees. It proved strenuous for many enterprises, especially small businesses. However, the appearance of iPhone credit card processors has changed the game.

Regardless of the nature and scale of your business, for faster and secure electronic payments adopting iPhone credit card processors can act beneficially. Many SMBs and mid-sized ventures have switched to using mobile credit card processing. The iPhone payment processors can also enable ACH transactions.   

Our team at Beyond Bancard shall help you discover the crucial aspects of converting your iPhone into a credit card processor. Altering your incredible iPhone into a credit card processing machine is quite effortless. 

Introduction to iPhone credit card processing

The iPhone credit card processing refers to a flexible way to accept credit card payments without the requirement for a dedicated Point of Sale system. It enables merchants to process customer payments with just a smartphone app and minimal tools. 

Steps involved in credit card processing for iPhone devices

Unlike the lengthy procedure involved in applying and setting up a regular credit card facility in your business, using iPhone credit card processors is quite simple. You need a standard card reader and a suitable application to enable credit card processing on your iPhone. You can almost instantly accept credit card payments by following the given steps.

Firstly, go to your iTunes App Store and download the required credit card processing app. There are a variety of choices at disposal for diverse forms of merchants. Such apps act as an interface for your merchant account. 

Now, you need to commence a merchant account with the relevant iOS app you chose. Usually, one has to go for a sign-up process via the official website of the application venture. You need to offer the required personal details during the sign-up process and select a suitable account plan. 

Next, get a card reader or mobile terminal for accepting your credit cards from your customers. Many credit card processing applications even offer complementary card readers as part of their subscription plans. Some applications enable you to input card details manually using keywords if you do not own a card reader or terminal.

Some popular card readers include

Square reader 

If you aim to offer your customers a credit card payment option on the go, this system shall allow your iPhone to support the same. This speedy, secure, and robust card reader works great for contactless payments. It even accepts chip-enabled credit cards.   

Clover Go

One of the most popular card readers, it works best for contactless as well as chip-based card payments, what’s more! You can also accept Mobile Pay methods like Apple Pay or Google Pay using this card reader.


Notable features of credit card processors


Types of iPhone credit card processors

Prominently, there are three types of iPhone credit card processors. Let’s take a closer look at these categories of payment processors. 

Application and Card Terminal 

Akin to the conventional Point of sales system, the app and terminal option is usable anywhere with your iPhone. Most card terminals have features similar to POS terminals. This type of credit card processor is more robust and streamlines your payments to a large extent. You can find features such as employee management, inventory handling, customer relationship management software, and sales analytics tools. Merchants can avail of options for NFC payments, contactless payments, and mobile payments with such processors. 

Application and reader

The most widely employed option for iPhone credit card processors is the app and reader. All you have to do is connect your iPhone through its lightning port or headphone jack with the reader and install the required app. Thus, you can accept credit card payments wherever you carry your iPhone and card reader within no time. The credit card processing fees for this option are also quite nominal. Such payment facilities prove very practical for merchants participating in trade fairs or have to remain on the go for their sales.  

Application only processor 

Well, you can even accept credit card payments with just your iPhone. With an app-only credit card processor, one can use specific apps that allow you to scan the card details using QR codes or the phone camera. Therefore, you do not have to invest in and manage separate hardware tools for your credit card processing needs with such a choice. However, many customers find this credit card processing option less secure as it involves scanning card details and can be more time-consuming.    

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