How to grow your customer base as an ISO merchant service provider?

Are you an ISO Merchant Service Provider? We live in an era where the electronic payment landscape is witnessing tremendous growth. Thus, a lot of business ventures are hopping on the bandwagon of hiring the best merchant services. The merchant service sector is clocking a growth figure of around 9.35 percent. ISOs have captured mass appeal, and many ventures are collaborating with them. Both merchants and acquiring banking institutions depend on the offerings of ISO entities. Whether eCommerce ventures or physical retail stores, companies from all industries consult ISOs for their credit card processing and POS needs. Given the exceptional scope in the merchant service fields, many ISOs have mushroomed in the market. Therefore, it has also become a cut-throat sector.  Learn more about how to become an ISO.


Ways to create a solid customer base for ISOs

It is fundamental for any successful independent sales organization to create a robust customer base. One can use some time-tested tips and tricks to ease the process of landing good merchants and retaining a satisfactory customer base. Here we have some valuable tactics for both new and emerging ISOs to expand their patronage in the market.   

Plan and implement

One cannot undermine the fact that failing to plan is planning to fail in your endeavor. All ISOs need to create sustainable growth strategies to rope in better merchants. It would be best if you considered the relevant market conditions and other premises when you jot down your road map. Once you have the action plan all prepped up, you should also focus on its adequate implementation. Just creating a plan is not enough. Your team has to execute the strategies well to attain the sales targets.


KYP- Know your product

A thorough comprehension of the merchant services you plan to pitch to prospective customers is essential. There is a great scale of variety in the types of merchant services schemes that are available. Your team needs to understand the nitty-gritty of such products that you offer. You must know which kinds of schemes shall prove best for which form of business. Pay attention to the types of transaction fees, periodic payments, and contractual aspects of the merchant service contracts. Customers judge a substantial deal of ISOs with the level of understanding they possess about the prospective merchant services. All and all, take care of every minute aspect of every merchant service plan you intend to market. 


KYM- Know your merchants

Proper knowledge of all critical facets of your merchants’ needs is primary to attract customers. Each form of the merchant has its own unique set of conditions. It would help if you worked on developing a cordial and long-lasting relationship with your clients. Just cold calling would not budge. Stay prepared to go over and above the usual ways to establish a connection with your target clients. Tailored attention to each merchant’s requisites will take you a long way. 


Rise with referrals

Landing a new client can take a lot of effort, and you can tap on the network of your prevailing customers to get some. Request your existing customers to refer your services to their counterparts and acquaintances in need of merchant services. There are possibilities that some customers might not feel fully satisfied with your offerings. In such cases, you can still ask them for merchants they think shall benefit from your ISO services. You can conduct meetings with your merchants to talk about prospective customers seeking merchant offerings. 


Pick the right team

The motto of “Espirit de Corps” can work wonders in creating a flourishing ISO venture. Your dream team gets crafted when you put in the required efforts to pick your employees. Evaluate the capabilities and knowledge of the individual person before recruiting them. The field of sales and marketing demands people with solid communication flair. Choose the staff members keeping in mind the precise needs of every role. This practice will help find the best possible candidates who will further bring more business to your organization. 


Ensure proper training

Your staff must possess the capacity and grooming to deliver the best while pitching the various  products. Your agents and other employees represent your firm before your customers. Thus, invest in training your workforce so that they put forth a satisfactory performance is necessary. Training also helps you to keep your team updated with the changes in the evolving payment ecosystem. Therefore, investing in refining your workforce’s skills is highly recommended to sustain a seamless influx of loyal customers in your entity.   


Leverage the power of social media 

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are currently ruling our world. Business entities of all types are banking upon social media platforms to enhance their reach. If you want to augment your ISO’s operations, you must duly make a good social media presence. The potential of social media will create awareness of your premier offerings beyond physical limitations. It is one of the very effective ways to bring more clients within your reach.

Remain on top of the latest technology options

Only a fool will undermine the capabilities that technology offers business entities today. ISOs should peruse the relevant software systems to improve their customer relationships and services. Using computerized systems such as customer relationship management software will help you improve your client services and give you a competitive edge. There are also various tools to track your marketing and sales requirements along with managing your employees and agents. A full suite of software systems designed for ISOs is also in demand. Make growth a possibility with the updated technology!


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