B2B Payments for Ecommerce

What’s the benefit of moving to the eCommerce industry if you’re still using those old and outdated B2B payments like paper checks, trade credits, etc? We know you’re expecting to receive more customers after taking such an important step. And it’s completely true. But you can’t enjoy fruitful results if you aren’t adopting the B2B payment options that are commonly used in this industry.


We aren’t saying that paper checks or trade credits are completely forbidden in the eCommerce industry. There are some businesses that still use these modes of transactions for certain reasons but a vast majority of eCommerce businesses prefer using advanced methods of B2B payments. And so should you.


Why Advanced Payment Methods are Important?


Like every new eCommerce b2b business owner, you may think about why should I use advanced B2B payments when there are other options available. Do you know why the eCommerce industry is flourishing compared to the traditional business industry?


Well, it saves your time and provides tons of amazing opportunities to grow your business. And that’s what businesses like the most. So, why would a business agree upon working with you if they’re going to wait for 30-45 days for complete payment processing? They would simply look for another business that can keep up with industry standards. And believe me, there are a lot of them.


So, if you’re seriously interested in growing your business, you should adopt the industry standards rather than trying to impose your standards upon others.


B2B Payments for Ecommerce


Looks like we’ve taken a bit extra time. But we think it was worth it. And don’t worry because we’ve now going to describe all the important aspects of B2B Payments for Ecommerce. Sounds great? Well, then let’s dive into the details of B2B Payments for E-commerce.


ACH Payments


Are you running a B2B E-commerce business in the USA? The ACH Payment must be your top priority because it’s a safe, fast, and reliable way of processing payments among businesses. Within a few minutes, the payment is electronically transferred to the supplier’s account. Thus, you can continue running your business operations without any delays.


This type of B2B payment is perfectly suitable for recurring payments as you don’t need to enter the supplier’s information every time you need to transfer the amount. The buyer and supplier are supposed to complete the paperwork only once and they’re good to go.


The only problem with this payment option is cut-off times. But they won’t bother you because it’s one of the most cost-effective options available out there. So, you would easily find a way to manage your payments accordingly, won’t you?


Wire Transfers


Want to Process international B2B payments? Not a problem. The wire transfers have got you covered. The Wire Transfers are almost similar to the ACH payments but there is something that makes them different. Yes, they significantly eliminate the problem of cut-off times. Thus, you’d be able to process payments any time you want.


Gone are the days when you were supposed to visit your local wire transfers branch to complete a transaction. Wire transfers have now become more convenient than ever. You can now process these payments with your smartphone. And the supplier will receive the amount in his bank account within a few seconds.


Digital Payment Options


How can we forget digital payment options like Paypal and GooglePay while talking about B2B Payments for Ecommerce? In fact, some businesses are even using cryptos for Ecommerce B2B transactions. But they are only used on a limited scale. So, we can’t recommend them as a payment solution for eCommerce. However, we think the cryptos will become a common mode of transaction over the next few years or maybe months.


Till then, you can continue using digital payment options that are considered secure and more reliable. The beauty of online B2B payments is that they protect you from online scams. They provide a secure platform to facilitate both the buyers and suppliers whenever they need some help. So, if you’re worried about online scams, digital b2b payments can protect your back.


Credit Card Payments


Are You worried about maintaining cash flow? The credit card payment is the answer to your needs. It’s a great option for buyers. Being a supplier, you may have to face trouble in some conditions. For instance, you may have to bear additional costs on your own if the order costs exceed what was authorized during checkout. So, you need to be a bit careful about it. Learn more about Mobile Payment Solutions.


The credit card companies do offer loyalty rewards that may save you money in the long run. But you shouldn’t underestimate the interests and fees associated with credit cards.




E-commerce is a massive industry where you get more growth opportunities. But it can only happen if you’re using a reliable B2B payment system. In this guide, we’ve highlighted different types of B2B Payments for Ecommerce. If you still have any questions or need more information on this topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you are in need of processing online payments, Beyond Bancard has the solution.


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