How to earn residual income as an ISO part-time while keeping your regular job?

Want to earn residual income? The merchant services domain is a trove full of diverse professional opportunities and options for skilled individuals. Many seek to embark on their stint in the credit card processing industry as part-time ISO agents. Retaining a full-time job while one lays the foundation of a successful ISO career can prove as a great choice keeping in mind their financial security. 

Working with an International Service Organization as an agent shall enable you to generate a separate income stream over and above your general job earnings. As you sell more and more merchant services to various merchant businesses on behalf of credit card companies and banks, you build a lifelong source of residuals. It would help if you comprehended some critical aspects before you take a leap into the world of ISO merchant services, even on a part-time basis. Learn more on how to grow your customer base as an ISO?

What is the source of revenue for ISO agents?

The source and amount of money ISO agents yield are contingent on various factors. They vary according to the type of merchant payment services ISO offers and the form of company they collaborate with as an agent. The most prominent form of income source for ISO agents is residual income. Although there are weekly and daily bonuses, depending on the organization. Residuals represent continual passive earnings throughout the nurturing and payment processing of a merchant account. ISO agents earn predetermined commission as per the revenue attributable to every merchant account. The agents gain residual income throughout the tenure, during which the account remains active. Therefore, the residual earnings act as an excellent way to achieve additional monetary gains without the necessity to stay proactively involved. 

Why is credit card processing a great way to earn additional income?

Credit card processing entails much more than what meets the eye. It does not end with the customer swiping his credit card and the vendor receiving the payment from the relevant bank. Online payment processing can get tricky and needs the proper support of knowledgeable individuals like ISOs. Business entities, including high-risk merchant accounts, can find robust support with proficient ISO agents. Merchant service providers simplify the toil for entities to offer adequate electronic payment facilities to their customers. 

Credit cards, as highlighted earlier, stand as one of the highly preferred payment methods in the United States. Thus, the need for credit card processing companies and their supporting agents continues to multiply. If you feel inclined towards online payment processing and merchant account services, you can think about working with ISO ventures. These ventures are tapping the credit card processing industry boom, and you can join them for a rewarding stint. Starting in this niche while retaining your regular job might feel taxing. However, it will open doors to increased earnings and career growth.             

Joining affiliate programs offered by established ISOs in the merchant services genre has enabled many individuals to achieve inspiring success. Joining such programs comes with add-ons like:

  •  Refined work experience in the Fintech and payment processing segment
  •  Ability to develop paths of more passive income
  •  Support to local enterprises and merchants to streamline their payment processor needs and achieving higher growth. 

How can you become an ISO agent?

ISO service providers need determination and added motivation to flourish amidst the rising competition. You can choose to enroll with ISO entities that have already made their presence in the merchant services market. The process is as simple as making a short phone call. Usually, one needs to communicate with interdependent service organizations through online platforms or phone calls. You need to understand their service needs and fill up the required application forms. That’s it! You are good to start. The most significant advantage is that you do not need to possess any particular type of qualification or experience level to begin. But, it is vital to remember that you need to manage your time to the fullest, and you juggle between two roles initially when working part-time. 

Tips for beginners commencing their ISO operations part-time

The experienced team at Beyond Bancard have some tips for individuals thinking to work as part-time ISOs in their initial phase.

  • Learn to differentiate the primary work aspects from the secondary ones

When you start working as an ISO, you have to realize the limitations of your working abilities. You should learn to separate the core offerings of your overall services from the not so crucial ones. It is principal to accept the fact that you need the support of additional parties and have to communicate with the merchants the boundaries of your role. 

  • Maintain consistency, whether you work full time or part-time

Assess the amount of time you will manage devote to your ISO operations and create a consistent workflow accordingly. You cannot take unnecessary gaps while working as an ISO. You need to maintain continuity, even if it is for a lesser duration in a day. If not, you shall end up losing more and more merchants in the long run. You need to build your book of business to earn significant residual income.

  • Realize the importance of the payment processor while coordinating with merchants

As an ISO, you have to focus on the selling aspect and let the processors’ customer support address the minute queries of your merchants. You cannot always spend time catering to all your merchant’s technical needs after they enter into a merchant service agreement with you. A payment processor and support team remains crucial to ensure coherence and harmony in your work. 

  • Hit a balance between your professional and personal needs

If you want to operate as an ISO while continuing your adjacent job demands, you must hit the correct balance. You also cannot grow professionally at the cost of your personal relationships. Thus, concentrate on the right junctures and learn to let go of the non-essential wherever needed. 



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