B2B Payment Trends in 2021

What are the B2B Payment Trends of 2021? Do you think Covid-19 is the only reason why most of the businesses have started looking for new B2B payment options?

Well, it’s a major reason but there are many other reasons why business owners have changed their mindset about B2B payments. For instance, a new generation is now entering the industry that doesn’t feel comfortable with old and outdated payment methods.


There are many other reasons why the B2B industry has observed a significant shift from traditional payment methods to the latest ones. Whatever the reasons are, you need to understand the fact that B2B payment trends are now changing. Learn more about B2B Payments for eCommerce. 

And you should also follow these trends if you want to grow your business successfully. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about some important B2B payment trends that have significantly changed the dynamics of this industry. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details of B2B Payment Trends in 2021. Learn more about the difference between B2B and B2C payment processing.


Digital Transformation is a Must


You don’t want to be left behind in the B2B industry, Do you?

Gone are the days when businesses survived in the B2B industry without having to adopt digital payment methods. They could only survive because they have like-minded people around them. The trends have changed now and most of the B2B businesses are now using digital payment options for accounts payable and accounts receivable.

The businesses have become more alert after the covid-19 pandemic because that was one of the worst experiences of our lives. And nobody wants to experience the same fear we’ve experienced before. Therefore, many businesses have already shifted to digital payment options to avoid the financial hurdles in such critical times.

Another reason why you should adopt digital payment options is that they reduce the time that is usually required for payment processing. So, it will help with maintaining proper cash flow allowing you to run your business operations perfectly.


Checks are Becoming a Thing of the Past


Checks have always been considered the safest way of transaction because it’s quite easy to track a payment made through checks. But over the past few months, we’ve experienced a steep decline in the use of checks. Can you guess the reason behind that?

Well, the businesses have now found better alternatives that can get the job done faster. The payment service providers have significantly reduced the risk of scams. Therefore, businesses are now feeling safe with advanced payment options. Some businesses are still using checks for different transactions.

But the experts say that these businesses will also shift to digital payment methods sooner or later because they won’t be able to attract more businesses with the traditional payment methods.


B2B Payment Trends | Automation


It takes a lot of time preparing and sending invoices to the clients. And the businesses also spend plenty of time keeping a track of different transactions. The chances of making a wrong entry are pretty high when you’re tracking payments manually.

Thanks to the automated payment systems that are now making it easier for businesses to process multiple transactions without making any mess. You just need to set a schedule for different transactions and the system will automatically send invoices to your clients.

These payment systems use different payment options for sending and receiving payments. Thus, they enable you to attract more clients from the industry. Most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to explore more options for growing your business rather than wasting time sending or receiving invoices.

Beyond Bancard can provide you with the best Automated Payment system, if you want to automate your B2B payments.


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


We mentioned in a recent blog that some B2B businesses are considering using Cryptocurrency for fast and secure transactions. Many business owners are still reluctant to use this payment option because it’s not yet regularized in most countries.

But how we can ignore the fact that many countries are now looking to regularize cryptocurrency? Whether we agree or not, the stats show that cryptocurrency is all set to take over the banking system.

In many countries, you can now withdraw your funds from specific ATM units that are invested in cryptocurrencies. The best thing about some blockchain projects is that they’re now offering smart contracts to users who want to do business with each other.

It’s playing a massive role in reducing the risks of scams. The buyer and seller can decide certain terms before launching the contract. Once the contract is launched, they can’t make any changes further. Blockchain technology will automatically release payment to the seller once the contract’s terms are fulfilled.

The best part is that the businesses don’t even need a third party to write the contract as the software gets the job done instantly. We recommend preparing your business for this trend because it will take over the industry way before you may expect.


Cloud-Based AP systems


Cloud-based AP systems are also becoming quite common in the B2B industry. You must agree with the fact that it takes plenty of time to approve a payment because the invoice needs to go through different departments. It doesn’t only irritate the supplier but it also affects the performance of your AP Team.

Many payment service providers are now offering cloud-based AP systems that reduce the headache of sending files from one department to the other. Your entire team can now easily observe the invoices while they’re being addressed by different departments.




Payment processing is one of the daunting tasks every B2B business has to deal with. However, time has changed and new trends are now entering the market. Covid-19 is one of the major triggers for these changing trends but there are many reasons why B2B businesses are now using new payment trends.

In this blog, we’ve highlighted the B2B payment trends that are significantly changing the dynamics of the B2B industry. If you need more information about how you can adopt these trends, feel free to contact us. We’ll properly guide you about how you can take advantage of these B2B payment trends. Beyond Bancard has years of experience. Make sure you follow the latest B2B Payment Trends.


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