Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Beyond Bancard promises to offer the best POS Systems to all our merchants. Beyond Bancard provides merchants with innovative, flexible payment processing solutions, comprehensive package of products and services, coupled with superior customer service delivered with honesty, efficiency, and accuracy.

As a Full-Service payment processing company our goal is to help businesses transact payments securely and efficiently. From national brands to local companies, we aim to support each industry and tailor to their needs. Beyond Bancard is committed to teamwork and communication to help businesses thrive.

Our Core Values

Over time we have seen the industry become more competitive, unfortunately, merchants often get lost in the shuffle. The competitive nature of this industry has resulted in less service and more fees, you’re getting less and paying more.
At Beyond Bancard we decided to challenge this trend by providing transparent processing solutions and the best POS Systems so you can focus on your growing your business.

Start with the Merchant

The merchant is our top priority. And every day we are hyper-focused on making their experience with pleasant and seamless. Someone who embraces this value makes every decision, no matter how big or small, with the merchant experience top of mind. They put themselves in the merchants’ shoes and make their experience better.

Build Relationships/Deliver Results

We connect with customers, partners, consumers and each other to drive success. Relationships deliver results because we cannot do our jobs without each other. When a person goes above and beyond in this area, they own their impact on our business and our partners’ success. They dive deep to understand how and why our industry and our customer’s tick. We are all about providing great service – to consumers, to customers, to our communities and to each other. A true champion of this mindset takes pride in knowing that we are making a real difference by working together.

Act with Integrity

We are honest, transparent and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company. We openly collaborate in pursuit of the truth. We have no tolerance for politics, hidden agendas or passive-aggressive behavior. Beyond Bancard is PCI Compliant.

Team on a Mission

We are made up of amazing individuals, but it is only through teamwork that we achieve greatness. We are committed to helping our customers by working together with equal parts humility and ambition.

Make a Difference Every Day

We constantly push ourselves to be our best, we focus on solutions, and we arrive every day inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion and hard work.

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