About: Go Beyond Payment Solutions

Go Beyond Payment Solutions

Beyond Bancard provides merchants with leading electronic credit card processing solutions and superior customer service

Executive Team

Jasmit Virk, Chief Executive Officer

Beyond Bancard is the brainchild of Founder & CEO, Jasmit Virk, an industry veteran with more than 10 years of payments experience. Jasmit has helped Beyond Bancard become a recognizable name in merchant services, helping 5,000+ businesses refine their payment processing systems. He has helped both small and large businesses prosper, while simplifing their transaction processing.

AJ Bajwa, Chief Operating Officer

AJ Bajwa has been in the payment processing industry for more than five years. His experience on both sides, as an entrepreneur utilizing merchant services and now servicing similar businesses, allows him to better meet merchant and partner needs, while reacting quickly in an ever evolving industry. AJ is influential in moving the company forward with business experience and innovative thinking.

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Jag Badesha, Managing Director

Jag Badesha oversees all of the operations at Beyond Bancard. Jag is key to Beyond’s commitment to business development that empowers partners. Jag’s direction provides consistency, consideration and trust that define Beyond Bancard.