Merchant Accounts for

Online Adult Sites

Are you searching for a cost-efficient and smoothly effective adult merchant account?  You have landed in the right spot. Beyond Bancard provides adult merchant accounts for all products & services including entertainment sites, webcams, digital content, online dating sites, adult content downloads, legal escort services, streaming video, toys, novelty items, travel, strip clubs, and more.

Adult merchants are considered high risk by banks and processors. The main reason the adult industry is classified as high risk is concerns about chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. And even if your chargebacks are low, some banks cite “reputation risk” as a reason to not accept adult merchants for processing.

Some adult companies processing high volumes of transactions will often times set up more than one adult merchant accounts. This is an attempt to try and to lessen the risks of depending upon a single acquiring bank for all processing.

Beyond Bancard has a better solution!

Our extensive network of acquiring banks lets you diversify processing among multiple banks to mitigate risk. This gives you access to high volume processing capacity so you grow your business without worries about caps on monthly volume.

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How We Can Help

Although it’s deemed high risk, merchants in this industry shouldn’t have to suffer. Our experienced underwriting team thoroughly screens merchants to ensure that they are operating legally, and we understand the risk of chargebacks and set accordingly high chargeback thresholds on our merchant accounts.

Beyond Bancard has 25 years of experience processing credit cards for high risk merchants. We can equip your business with the proper tools to fight fraud and chargebacks while giving your customers a secure payment gateway. All of which will work in conjunction with the other features of your website.

Free Consultation

Whether you are new to the scene or just want to improve your current payment processing package, let us get your payment solution up to speed with the demand for your services. We offer a free consultation to review your current processing statement and offer you a side-by-side comparison of what we can offer.