Cash Discount

What Is Cash Discount?

Cash Discount Program is when the merchant offers a discount to customers paying by cash or check instead of with a credit card. This fee will offset the cost of processing fees for merchants, and promote the use of cash or checks for customers.

Better for Business, Better for Customers

Once the difference is understood, it is hard to dispute the benefits of a cash discount program for both retailers and their customers.

Reduced Fees.

The most obvious benefit is reducing or eliminating fees associated with credit card usage. Merchants are able to reduce processing fees that cut into their profit margins and consumers avoid credit interest rates on small purchases.


A discount program is easier for employees and customers alike to understand. Since all items in the store are priced with a built-in service fee that is deducted if consumers pay with cash, pricing disputes, interest rates, processing fees, chargebacks, and other complicated accounting items can be drastically reduced for all parties.

Less Debt.

Merchants are able to retain more profit and reduce credit card charge offs. Consumers are also less likely to rack up significant credit card debt if offered a discounted cash option.

With so many types of payment options, credit card processing can be a challenge for businesses with smaller budgets. Retailers who are looking to reduce fees that cut into their profit margin can take advantage of cash discount programs while offering customers more affordable pricing.

No Hidden Fees. 

You won’t find any surprising line items on your statement that hide fees you shouldn’t be paying. Your statement will read $0 at the end of every month while you accept every type of major card brand as payment for your business.

All Processing Fees are Gone Forever. 

You never have to pay a processing fee again.

Free Terminals Available. 

Based on your monthly processing volume, free terminals are available for your business designed to work with the true cash discount program.

Free Point of Sale Payment Systems Available. 

Based on your monthly processing volume and business type, we have a free point of sale systems for your business that works with the cash discount program.

Never Switch Processors Again. 

When you pay nothing for your merchant services account, it can be the account you use for the life of your business. Imagine being able to tell credit and debit card salespeople that your merchant account costs you $0 every month. You’ll never have to argue with another credit card salesperson again.

It’s Easy to Switch. 

You receive the signs for the store as required by law and the terminal is a breeze to setup.

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