Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees

Offer a discount to customers paying by cash or check and reduce or even eliminate payment processing fees associated with credit and debit card payments

Better for Business, Better for Customers

Once the difference is understood, it is hard to dispute the benefits of a true cash discount program for both your business and your customers


Reduce Fees

When you reduce or eliminate credit and debit card payment transactions, you’ll be able to reduce processing fees that cut into profit margins.


Cash discounts are easy for both your custsmers and employees to understand. Everything you sell is priced with a built-in service fee that is deducted when consumers pay with cash. Pricing disputes, processing fees, chargebacks are no longer an issue.

What could your business do with the money you pay for credit card processing every year? Our zero-fee cash discounting program enables you to turn transaction costs into opportunity. Start saving with each cash transaction sale you make and improve cash flow. Savings can be used to cover overhead expenses or any other way you choose. 

No Hidden Fees 

You won’t find any surprising line items on monthly statements that hide fees you shouldn’t be paying. 

Free Terminals & POS Systems

Based on monthly processing volume and business type, free terminals and POS systems are available that are designed to work with this true cash discount program.

Never Switch Processors Again 

When you pay nothing for your merchant services account, it can be the account you use for the life of your business. Imagine being able to tell credit and debit card salespeople that your merchant account costs you $0 every month because your using a true cash discount program. You’ll never have to argue with another credit card salesperson again.

Easy and Free to Start

It’s a breeze to set up POS systems and payment terminals, plus you’ll receive cash discounting store signage as required by law. 

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees Today!

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